Shiawase-no-mura is a comprehensive welfare complex equipped with a variety of integrated facilities designed to support independent living for the disabled and the elderly, and their participation in society, while also serving as a meeting place for all Kobe citizens to deepen mutual understanding and work together to create a society in which everyone can lead a full life.

1. Purposes
 To provide comprehensive services, including training, care and guidance for the disabled,the elderly, and others with disabilities, and to promote and support their efforts to lead more independent lives and participate more fully in society.
 To promote exchange and personal interaction involving all members of society, including the disabled, the elderly, children, women, and workers.
 To serve as the core facility of the City of Kobe's in-home care policy by offering information, consultation, and education, and by conducting research and development.
 To provide the public with a place to relax and refresh in a beautiful setting of natural greenery as a well-being park.
 To provide comprehensive welfare services aimed at integrating welfare, health & medical care, education, labor, sports & recreation and related fields.

2. Site and scale
Shiawasenomura, Kita-ku
Size : about 205 ha (of which approx. 70 ha is developed)
Overall cost : about \40 billion

3. History
FY 1971
* Study of basic concept began
FY 1980
* Master plan established, urban plan decided
FY 1981
* Ground-breaking ceremony
FY 1987
* Some facilities (job training centers for the disabled, tennis courts) opened
FY 1988
* More facilities (Kobe Rehabilitation Hospital) opened
* Shiawase-no-mura Management Fund established
* Shiawase-no-mura Regulations established
FY 1989
* Shiawase-no-mura fully inaugurated

4. Administration and Management
 The Kobe Citizens' Welfare Promotion Association is the body responsible for the integral administration and management of activities, including undertaking projects to enhance public awareness regarding welfare, promote welfare activities and promote health.