Village of Happiness KOBE

Map of Shiawase no Mura

Shiawase no Mura Map

Facilities of Shiawase no Mura

Facilities to promote self-sufficiency and
participation in society
Meiyu Work Home
(Job training, facility for the severely disabled)
Meiyu Community Exchange Home
(Day respite care facility for the severely disabled living at home)
Ryokuyu Work Home
(Job training center for the mentally disabled)
Heisei Green Home
(Training and rehabilitation center for the mentally disabled)
Kobe Meisei-en
(Residential rehabilitation facility
for the mentally disabled)
Shinko-en Shiawase-no-ie
(senile Dementia Care Center)
Kobe Rehabilitation Hospital
Hiyodori Recreational Center
(multi-purpose short-stay facility)
Reha Kobe
(rehabilitation/elderly care facility)
Annex Minatogawa Hospital
Kobe Seriously handicapped child/person
Treatment Center,"Nikoniko House Medical and Welfare Center"
Facilities for Studying, relaxing, and exchange
Main Building & Lodge
(General administration service)
Kenshu - kan
(wolkers' General Welfare center)
Hot Spring Health Center
(hot sprirlg, swimming pool, gymnasium)
Tampopo - no - Ie
(womens' Exchange Center)
Kobe Senior Citizen's College
(silver College)
Outdoor sports and recreational facilities
Tennis Courts
Archery Range
Athletic Field
Recreation Ground
Japanese Garden
Lawn Bowling Green
Herb Garden
GroundGolf Course
Shiawase- no -mura Horseback Riding Park
Aozora Outdoor Activity Center
Tent camping site
Auto-Camping site
Day camping site
Exercise ground
Ball game ground
Mini-Golf Course
Village of Happiness KOBE